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Encounters with Merkabah Light Ships, Diamond and Mother Ships
Filmed by Contactee, Victoria Liljenquist 2007-2011

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Victoria shares more understanding concerning “Contact” as she narrates her amazing encounter video footage and shares the messages received from the Brotherhood of Light of the upcoming transformation of our journey.


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Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages

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Experience the amazing journey of contactee Victoria Liljenquist as she shares her personal, positive, and even Heavenly encounters with angels and other worlds. Spectacular live footage of UFOs, orbs, cigar crafts, and ancient pictographic images, revealing special messages for humanity concerning our earth and its transformation.


Victoria’s original “Song of the Future” with amazing ships available on YouTube.




Journey to Empowerment, Self-Healing & Inner peace CD

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A guided and “inspired” journey into the inner soul and subconscious for releasing, claiming what you desire, loving, and forgiving.  It is very helpful for those in the grieving process.  This CD was created and performed by Victoria while in altered states, recorded simultaneously in one take.

This experiential journey affects the deepest level of the subconscious mind and cellular healing.  Listeners have expressed major transformation and profound healing, greater joy, and even enhancement of their own psychic abilities.

NOTE: You will fall into an assimilated sleep state when you work with this CD and your subconscious will receive the messages, even if you don’t remember listening. This is the amazing thing about letting your subconscious heal.

Working regularly with this CD, you will feel lighter, happier, to free from stress and pain hidden within your mind and soul. (74 mins)




Sacred Tones CD


A remarkable healing tool as Victoria sings the Sacred Adamic Tones with Victoria’s angelic, perfectly-pitched voice, transcending the listener to other states of enlightenment. SACRED TONES CD assists the listener to focus and stimulate creativity, as well as achieving a deeper sleep.  It regenerates the DNA CELLUAR MEMORY, stimulating the transformation of the Light Body.  Many have expressed a profound healing experience of well being, and have played it by drinking water to energize it.

Listening with headphones, this CD will take you even deeper to the core level for a profound healing experience.

Track One is 13 sacred chords sung totally by Victoria’s voice to provide healing to Mother Earth, The Divine I Am. (do not play while driving)

Track Two is Sacred 13 chords which assist in personal cellular regeneration and RNA/DNA Coding. Both of these tracks have a unique and healing effect on the listener. (30 mins)

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