UFO Sightings And Research

Ken Oz – UFOs in NYC

Bonnie Hamilton – “Assistance with those with Abduction”

George A.Filer

United States UFO Information and Research Center

Dr. Steven Greer’s The Disclosure Project

Galactic Database

Paranormal & UFO Information Network email

James Gilliland – Contactee – Self Mastery Institute – Trout Lake UFO Ranch & Sanctuary

Universe And Space Discovery

Chandra Chronicles

Spiritual, Healing, Art, Enlightenment

Ron and Robert Baker

James Whatley

Profoundly Beautiful… Language of Light Pictorgraph Art,
Music, and Workshops

Great Clothing by Simply Wow Designs

Erial Ali – Cosmic Artist

TV & Radio Shows

“The Cutting Edge” Host: Jim Rodgers

Tracie Austin Show “Let’s Talk Paranormal”

Radio Host Laurie Carty

Health And Well Being

Cheryl Glover

Alfred Vitaro

Other Links

UFO Casebook

The UFO Movie, Jose Escamilla Producer

Roswell Rods
Jose Escamilla Shares the Rods Phenomena

Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center & Museum, Turkey

Radio Host, Author, Lecturer Rob Simone

Rich Giordano, UFO Videos

Jeff Willes, UFO Videos

Mayan Majix Spiritual/Inspirational Articles

The international Institute of Integral Human Sciences

The Universe is so pleased with all of us working together to bring in
truth, freedom, and unity within our world and with others.

As we make this Quantum Leap to our Next Evolutionary Station, I extend
my blessings and thanks to you all!

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