Important Visions received by

Cmdr. Victoria Liljenquist

🌹We are now in The Doorway.
Sharing my VISIONS with

Profound messages.

🌹Most important Vision
Sept 27, 2020.
Visitation from Yeshua Jesus Christ and Divine Mother Mary..
During a 4 hour vision they revealed to me that Humanity
Each and every Soul… Shall go into a deep sleep… at this time each soul shall review their souls Destiny choices.
Fear not
We all do this.
It is a individual choice.. where to ascend to..
To our New Earth..
Or other places, planets
For our Divine Journey.
(Those who are a bit confused will be assisted to find the perfect choice for their future)
Also… those souls who have not been pure in heart
On this present journey.. will be guided to
Another place requiring growth and

“They Will NOT BE ALLOWED on A Healed Blessed Gaia.”

🌹This vision was a Heavenly Visit
With pure love, with CLEAR UNDERSTANDING and Compassion.
The message given from Yeshua & Mary actually correlates so beautifully with my past visions from 2002-2011.
Read of those visions below..

Please share with those seeking understanding.

🙏🏻Being blessed as a visionary since I was a child, there has been a magnitude of information and messages “through visions” transmitted to me. Many… to forewarn me of danger or certain events to be aware of. Some have shown me “future events” regarding our Planet Earth, Humanity, and Other Worlds unseen.

✨💫The most profound visions that were given to me… I have these over the years on my interviews and at my lectures.

🌹Even today,
On March 3, 2023

These visions are extremely vivid in my mind. I truly believe they are very accurate!


TRULY WE ARE In A BLINK OF AN EYE AWAY… we will not need to be swimming in the Old reality much longer, our tasks are completed, now we must PREPARE TO FEEL THE REAL JOY THAT AWAITS US.

🌹Vision Received October 13, 2011

It was early in the morning, when I experienced seeing a small group of people who had come together for an inspirational gathering, but before we could begin our activities, more and more people were showing so we had to keep setting up more chairs. The group began small and then BECAME A VERY LARGE GROUP.
I then saw Sananda Jesus and Mother Mary standing with us. There were no words but my thoughts were that WE ARE ALL COMING TOGETHER NOW.
It felt as if our GROUP WAS NOT IN THIS DIMENSION BUT perhaps in the New Reality Earth or in a midway point BEFORE moving onto the New Earth. THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A PRAYERFUL ORIENTATION TO PREPARE and receive instructions FOR OUR JOURNEY HOME. Then I awakened at 7 a.m.
My sense from this vision is that there is a part of our consciousness within each of us, that is congregating in these midway stations where we are getting ready for the final EXODUS to our New HOME.
THIS VISION FELT SO WONDERFUL TO ME! Perhaps the sign of more and more people showing up at the door and wanting to come in and join us …IS A SIGN THAT MANY ARE GOING TO WAKE UP AT THE FINAL MOMENT OF OUR GRADUATION, our LEAP and TRANSMUTATION TO THE OUR HEAVEN on THE NEW EARTH.

As I have visited with many folks the last week, everyone is feeling the winding down on their projects and just wanting to soak up the beauty we see on this Earth which will be re-created soon to A MUCH GREATER BEAUTY. THIS IS A PROMISE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM THE ANGELS, JESUS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT.

🌹🌈All of the things we love about this dimension will follow us to the New EARTH. The dolphins, sea life, animals, flowers, tastes, smells will remain with us, and will be MAGNIFIED IN GLORIOUS BEAUTY BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION.

My message of encouragement and support  is to just STAY IN THE  MOMENT!

333 Today Venus & Jupiter are kissing the Moon!

There are many dates given to us, but keep in mind that a date means nothing when we are moving in and out of TIMELESSNESS… INTO OUR NEW INFINITE REALITY.


💜We all have a knowing within each of us.. which should be our guide

as we move through the coming days and weeks.

Many are feeling a little lost right now, as they don’t feel they have a purpose during this winding down mode…

before our leap Home.

Keep in mind that all the projects, dreams, wishes, and desires you have now, will remain with you and shall manifest beautifully soon. To the many healers, your work will continue to help the souls who are in the process of waking up. I believe that some people will need extra instruction and help to understand during this transition.

I am looking forward to Our World of instant manifestation, total freedom, abundance, unlimited food for all. There will be no hunger where we are going, NO LACK OF ANYTHING.


I WAS Shown the 2nd Earth… in 1997

In 3 visions shared below:

🌹Vision I
March 30, 1997 –
I was in Page, Arizona in a Hotel. A Vision was shown to me at 4 a.m.

“I was watching from long distance, a view of our Earth. Exploding out from the Earth (like rockets) were “comet-like” images. As they rocketed out from the Earth, they ascended gently and very gracefully. Then I was shown how they these images were transplanted upon another planet, like a 2nd Earth.

My guidance is that the OUR NEW EARTH (is not Nibiru) spoken about but Is Our New Earth which will arrive JUST PRIOR to…

or maybe simultaneously when Nibiru passes thru our atmospheric field.

🌹Vision II –

(1 day later) on Easter

March 31, 1997 – I was now in Salt Lake City visiting my family. I was awakened at 4 a.m.

As I got out of bed, I looked outside to see one of the “light ships” that I have captured numerous times on film. It was very low to my sight as I was in a home on top of the hills overlooking Salt Lake City.

I then returned to my bed and was taken into this glorious vision:

“I was in a courtyard (similar to apartment complex courtyards). There were balconies where people were running around in a frenzy of confusion. Looking up, I then saw an incredible image which entirely filled up the sky. On the top was a Heavenly Castle.
I feel this represented “My Father’s House of Many Mansions”. The next layer radiated an illuminated white light oblong in shape,

similar to the cigar-shaped ships I have filmed. This was only light…and very beautiful. The next layer reflected deep blue waters (like the firmament of the heavens referred to in scripture and by astronauts). There were billowing clouds intermixed. Within this image were dolphins swimming.

As people were running around in confusion, they looked at this image and cried, “who are you, and what do you want”. I turned to them saying, “how can you say or feel this way about something so heavenly and beautiful?” I then heard a very deep and loving voice.

It rang through me with a familiar energy that I had remembered from my “near-death experience”. It said to me:

“Victoria, this is your NEW HOME!”

The entire image then began moving away from the Earth. All the things of beauty and positive energy went with it.

The confused people stayed behind… in their picture of reality which was a picture of darkness, fear and anger.

🌹Vision III

August 31, 1997 – I was in Phoenix, Arizona. I had not yet fallen completely asleep, when I began to see

A Panorama Vision before my eyes. I was shown the following:

“I saw myself waking up one morning…opening up the Window levelers.

As I opened them.. I was in another Reality!

I saw something very new and different, a NEW WORLD.

I looked outside and all the streets looked similar, yet were different.

All the negativity, pain, evil, and anger was no where to be seen. It was as if we had made the shift to the next dimension… while we were asleep.

🌹Vision IV

August 17, 2002 – In this vision, first I saw a lamb sleeping in my bed, feeling a sense of peace I watched the lamb leave my bed. As I looked outside, I saw hundreds of lambs grazing on the streets and yards outside my present apartment. I cried for joy, as I realized we were in the sign of Leo (Lion) and remembered the saying “when the lamb and lion lie down together…we will have Peace”!!! After awaking from this vision, I felt that the lamb also represented the Lamb of God, the Christ Consciousness. This blessing of Christ Consciousness shall cover the Earth… all lion energy will be transformed into lamb energy of peace and love. Now that 2003 has arrived, we are in the year of the sheep. I am a sheep (1955) and did not realize at the time on a conscious level that the year of the Sheep would soon be arriving.

As we are now witnessing the desire of the such great proportion of the World desiring Peace, not War… I believe these are the lambs covering the streets.

Hallelujah! We are experiencing the Great Experiment Now!!!

Perhaps, we have been asleep all this time. Now, the future is before us to bring a New Awakening. These 4 visions were profound and very connected to each other.

Who can say if our transition will be that easy… going to sleep and then graduating to the next level? It all depends on our mental outlook and how we embrace our lives, our goals, and each other.

May the Universe bless us in Oneness with the new Earth that is, indeed, coming soon.

My mission has been dedicated to assisting the consciousness of humanity to prepare, unite as Children of the Light, and to understand “Contact” with our Benevolent Families of Other Worlds.

It is an honor to Serve with All of Us…

We came from the future to initiate our Great and Glorious DIVINE PLAN and NEW HEAVEN OF HOME🙏🏻💜🌠

With Love & The Joy Of Heaven✨🌈
🌹Cmdr. Victoria Liljenquist
Sedona 333
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