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Make a Donation to Assist the Mission of Victoria Liljenquist and the Program of Victory Tour in Cities across the U.S.

Thank you for your interest to contribute to the mission of Victoria Liljenquist, who has been dedicated for 30 years to assist the consciousness of humanity to prepare, unite as Children of the Light, and to understand “Contact” with
our Benevolent Families of Other Worlds.

Your thoughtful donation contribution will be appreciated and used in lieu of setting up events and travel expenses for the
Program of Victory Tour Event Presentations, which Victoria will be doing, as she visits cities across the U.S.  Audiences have loved the events already held in New Mexico, California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Utah.  We hope to travel to more cities this coming year.

Victoria shares AMAZING JOURNEY ON FILM with a power point presentation, LATEST ENCOUNTERS ON Video Clips, along with her angelic music, which will touch your heart. This presentation is a spell bounding experience which will enrich your understanding of our Family of Other Worlds, while viewing spectacular proof of their existence on Victoria’s CLOSE ENCOUNTER FILM FOOTAGE.

One Day and Two Day events available INCLUDE lecture presentations, healing workshops, individual/group healing, audience participation and Questions and Answers.

There will also be a special screening for Victoria’s Award Winning Film: Encounters with Angels, UFOs, and Divine Messages, a 44 minute documentary of actual events and live footage of Victoria’s encounters, with her angelic music.

This film received awards at the NY Film Festival in Hollywood and also awards in the NYC World Premier of this film.


If you would like to become a sponsor for such an event in your area, it is greatly appreciated.  It takes a great deal of effort to launch these events.  To be a sponsor to assist in organizing an event,  please write to:

Food for the homeless shelters is always raised at the events. God Bless you for your kindness.

Many Blessings to all as we Birth Our Enlightened 2nd Earth!

Victoria Liljenquist

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