Comments from Visitors to Victoria’s Site

“I have been looking at your collection of pictures and wow the one of the light has reduced me to tears such a powerful feeling of such love. With love and light”

“So I compassionately commend you on what you bring to the world. You have my idealistic job. I saw you on a TV program and I am truly fascinated with your beautiful gift.”
–Julie, Australia

“Excellent music, really healing! You are great personality and artist and I’m proud for our contact.” – Thomas, Greece“My dear Victoria, thank you so very much for the MOST beautiful, Uplifting message”
–Katharina, Mexico

“Thank you for sharing of yourself. May the Sun warm your Soul , The Moon light your way and the Earth Embrace and Protect you always.”

“I really enjoyed your videos. You are very beautiful – inside and out.”
– A.E.

“I really enjoyed viewing your site today. It is different and very interesting from most of the sights I have visted. Iam a believer of UFOs and there visits to earth, I have seen quite a few and when I was a little girl, I was playing in my back yard and I saw four rounded shaped disc.”

Comments after seeing the Documentary Film

“Just received your DVD, I have viewed the DVD 4 times, although I have seen many ufos over the years only a few weeks ago I witnessed with 6 other people 6 very bright deep red lights/orbs coming out off the sea, if this was not enough we then witnessed another 20 red lights/ orbs come out off the sea.

Your DVD sightings was mind blowing awesome sent tingles down my spine it was awesome also I had a very warm glowing feeling, I find that when I talk too people about ufos I get very hot, well that’s enough said for now.

Keep up the good work we are ambassadors for the light beings.”
– Dave Gillham, Chair-Founder, The Cornwall U.F.O.Research Group based in Truro UK

“Victoria Liljenquist’s Documentary film “Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages” strike a deep emotional chord. Never before has so much phenomenon been so heart-felt with such stunning video evidence of a personal journey.”
– Rob Simone, International Radio/TV Host and Author

“Victoria’s amazing footage and remarkable life story show us that contacts from other realms truly DO happen: by other-worldly beings, crafts, and orbs. Her beauty and her sincerity are inspiring.”
–Barbara Lamb, International Lecturer, Therapist and Author

“I watched your video several weeks ago and was BLOWN AWAY by it. A film so beautiful, touching, and profound, and very professionally done. Your orbs are amazing, impressive and stunning!”
–Cynthia Siegel, TV Show Host “UFO Connection”

“WE LOVED IT!!! Very well done. What was interesting was the last part where the ship was dancing around and doing all those cool things, I noticed that a beam of light was coming out of the TV (I have a 53” projection TV) and was coming right into my eye. Great Job!”
– Jim & Marge Klaproth, Pagosa Springs

“Encounters with Angels, UFO’s film can be enjoyed many times. We love sharing it others!”
– P. Ellis, Missouri, Humanitarian

“Watching your encounters on film gave me joy! I felt like I was actually right, there beside you.”
– M. Swenson, New Jersey Executive

“Congratulations on an excellent documentary. Professionally produced, revealing unique footage.
– Airforce Major, G. Filer, Mufon Director

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