Sponsor an Event

Victoria has lectured around the U.S. and Hawaii, sharing her personal journey with Angels, UFO’s and Other Dimensions. She also offers lectures on other topics listed below. If you are interested in sponsoring Victoria to come to your area, please email her at victoria@victoriaslight.com

Speaking Engagement Topics Include:

  • DIVINE MESSAGES, ANGELS, & UFO’s – Victoria’s incredible journey captured on Film and Video, Divine messages and visions received, angelic music of Victoria’s songs and tone healings, audience participation.
  • HEALING YOUR LOVING RELATIONSHIPS – as a Clinical Therapist, Victoria has worked with many couples to heal their issues, learn better communication, and overcome behaviors which sabotage our joy of partnership.
  • ACCESSING YOUR POWER TO HEAL WITHIN – Victoria will share her proven techniques for inner healing as well as discovering gifts to assist others. She is a Mentor “therapist to the therapist”.
  • More topics are available upon request.


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