Victoria’s Personal Journey

Victoria’s Personal Journey

At age 5, I had my first visit from an Angelic Being who indicated to me that my mission of great importance to humanity, and in the transformation of the Divine Plan. I was told that at age 40 I would go among the people to teach love, forgiveness, and walk the path of light. “You will carry a great responsibility of Initiation” I had to ask my parents what the word initiation really meant. Years later I would realize the fullness of this message.

January 9, 1994, I was praying for guidance of the direction of my mission. I was again visited by another Angelic Being who brought forth the direction I was asking for. One week later, the light ships began appearing in my backyard on a nightly basis.

February 1994, I made my first journey to Sedona as I had been directed to do by the Angelic Being. The guidance was to perform a sacred ceremony upon the mountain top of the Sedona Red Rocks, to pray for peace and empowerment for the Children of Humanity.

This sacred ceremony was initiated in Sedona at which time, the first “Merkabah” appeared above my head. I did not know what this image was until I found the “Keys of Enoch” by Dr. J.J. Hurtak. The Keys of Enoch explains the meaning of the Merkabah and also depicts it in several artistic plates in the book. My photographs has been studied by several analysts, and have proven to be of an unearthly nature phenomena.

“The Merkabah is a divine briolette light which is a transporter between the worlds.” This image is different than what you would normally see in photography as lens flare. As you view the photographs in the Gallery, you will clearly see it is positioned perfectly coming from my head.

December 1994, again the same identical image appears in the same position coming from head. Many may choose to believe this cannot be possible, but in all integrity, I promise this special image is real, and very sacred.

June of 1996, I was in Peru at the Fertility Springs, outside Cusco. Again the image actually appeared as I thought of it, reaching my hands to the heavens. It appear twice. One time showing a beam of light coming from the Merkabah down to me, and once above me.

Later on that same trip, a Shaman came up to me saying “you celestial” and pointing to the heavens. He then took a photograph of me, and the Merkabah ONCE AGAIN APPEARS.

Victoria’s Mission is Revealed

In 1947, my father had an experience with an Angelic/Biblical looking Being in the desert. The Angelic Being rode in the car with my father, indicating many truths of the Universe, and about my Father’s personal life. Before the Angelic Being stepped out of the car, he placed his hands on my father and blessed him. He then told him he would have a child who would be contacted to initiate major events in the future around 2000 and on…. The Angelic Being then stepped out of the car, and DEMATERIALIZED BEFORE MY FATHER’S EYES.

In 1955, I was born, demonstrating early on many gifts of telepathy, prophetic visions, and healing energy from my hands. My parents allowed me to be who I was, and honored my uniqueness. For many years, my father retold the story of this Angelic Being…but left out the part about his child….until on his death bed, he told me the REST OF THE STORY.

Ten years later (1994), my experiences with the Angels, Other Dimensions, Benevolent Beings, transmissions from the Beautiful Light Ships (UFO’s) appearing in my backyard with the teleportation beam, BEGAN MANIFESTING ON FILM.

Hundreds of photographs have been taken since 1994. A few of these are shared in the category Film Gallery of Victoria’s Encounters.

Encounters On Film

Hundreds of hours of Video Footage has been captured of Sightings and Encounters since 1994 in (Utah, AZ, NV, AL,WA, Hawaii, Peru). I have been fortunate to receive transmissions where and when the UFO’s will show up, even when it is outside my own home. Presently video tapes of the sightings and TV interviews are available for purchase by emailing

December 2000 (Sedona) Encounter. The Light ship began in a Merkabah Ball Shape hovering over the trees. It then began to shape shift into a spinning star, spoke-like wheel with incredible colors. There were holographic images projected of angels, dolphins, doves, a Cross, people leaping, dancing, future events coming (Twin Towers and an airplane). I can actually communicate with them while filming, you can see them respond to my questions about World Peace. After the tragedy of September 11, I was reviewing the film again, and recognized the Twin Towers in the images. It is my feeling, they were trying to warn us that this tragedy could occur. With the Dove appearing, meant eventually we would achieve World Peace.

UFO In Salt Lake City, Utah, February 21, 2002

My transmissions are very precise and accurate. A vision from 1968 (I was 13 years old) showed me Salt Lake City, the Olympics and a Cigar-Shaped Craft. I have waited all of these years for this year’s Olympics to transpire, knowing there would be an appearance.

There was TV Interviews and an article in the Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper regarding the UFO Fly By prediction, as well as a cartoon relating to”Visitors Expected to deliver a special message” on Feb. 21. It was really funny, yet put the point across.

Even though I had hoped thousands of people would witness the sighting that day, I knew it was the beginning of many sightings to SOON OCCUR to be seen by the masses. We are still getting more reports of people seeing UFO’s in Salt Lake City since Feb. 21.

Later that day, on February 21, at 5:00 p.m., while I was doing the TV interview, in the skies were TWO SETS OF 5 F-16 Jets flying very low over the house. My friend (Jim) was out on the balcony, saw the Jets and was wondering what was happening. Later, that evening, I received a call from some college students who saw the F-16’s trying to intercept a large long (100 mile) shimmering object (UFO). It approached from South Salt Lake moving North and then turning East towards Park City (where Olympic venues were held, but were completed for the day). Of course, the Media missed it or did not want to report it.

Message From Victoria

It is truly a blessing to serve humanity, realizing my responsibility (along with others dedicated individuals from Scientists, Investigators, other Contactees, and Light workers) to initiate,enlighten, and assist in our unification with our Star Families. We are ALL needed to usher in a new “Heaven on Earth.
This mission is about ALL OF US. There is a Divine Plan unfolding before our eyes. Transpiring now are incredible sightings worldwide being reported everday. What an exciting time as we shall soon see intergalatic travel in the near future.

As we continue to keep our “picture of reality” one which we wish to create, with positive energy, the magical miracles of manifestation shall be revealed before our very eyes. Humanity has moved into the energy of Divine Outcome. As we continue to pray for Universal and World Peace, anchoring into this dimension new frequencies, we are literally hoisting the Earth into a New Heaven. The time is VERY NEAR. Hold on to your wisdom within, the hope of a New Tomorrow and the VICTORY OF ONENESS not just with all people of this Earth, but with our Star Families.

My journey has been a blessed and powerful one. Each day is filled with new lessons, awareness, rememberance of the cellular memory of the Plan. I have never claimed to have all the answers, but with all my heart, I can say I have lived the truth which has been shown to me on my journey with our Star Family, their vehicles, the visions and miracles which I know are pure truth. Many may not ever understand those of us who walk this path, but it matters not for my beloved Family of Lightworkers, we stand together and shall see the fullness of the fruit of our labors very soon.

The challenge now is to stay in a place of Peace Within, Stand Your Ground, Continue to Love, Forgive, and be ready at any moment for the Dance to our Next Evolutionary Station. Each of us has our personal point of view, but let us love one another….”who is right and who is wrong, divides the joy I see, I honor you, you honor me, planting seeds where we can just be….to balance out our differences and let the love return….and feel the joy of heaven, and the blessing we have yearned.”

Please visit the Photo Category on this web site, which shall assist in your understanding of my journey with Angels, Merkabahs, Other Dimensions and UFO’s, captured on film.

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