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Victoria's Healing Music

Victoria's Healing Music Available on CD for Purchase
To pay by Credit Card, click on the PayPal link next to each item or send Check/Money Order to:
Victoria Liljenquist, P. O. Box 3836, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Journey To Empowerment, Self-Healing & Inner Peace

Price: $18.00
(includes shipping in U.S.)

Buy Now

Much more than a guided journey, it is like having a special session with Victoria for transformational therapy.

A guided and “inspired” journey into the inner soul and subconscious for releasing, claiming what you desire, loving, and forgiving. It is very helpful for those in the grieving process. CD was created and performed by Victoria in while altered states, recorded simultaneously in one take. This experiential journey affects the deepest level of the subconscious mind and cellular healing. Listeners have expressed major transformation and profound healing, greater joy, and even enhancement of their own psychic abilities. NOTE: You will fall into an assimilated sleep state when you work with this CD…do not worry, your subconscious will receive the messages, even if you don’t remember listening. This is the amazing thing about letting your subconscious heal. Working regularly with this CD, you will feel lighter, happier, and free from stress and pain which has lay hidden within your mind and soul. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

(2 TRACKS - (each 37 min) Track one: Guided journey & music in the background Track two: Music only FOR REFLECTIVE MEDITATION, FOCUS, HEALING, GENTLY SOOTHES THE SOUL (excellent for background music for massage therapy) music on both tracks is Harps, strings, and Ocean waves to gently taking into a peaceful state.

DISCOUNT PRICE... save when you buy 2 CD's (Journey & Tones)
for $29.00 (includes shipping in U.S.)

Buy Now

Sacred Tones

Price: $18.00
(includes shipping in U.S.)

Buy Now

A remarkable healing tool as Victoria sings the Sacred Adamic Tones with her angelic perfectly-pitched voice, transcending the listener to other states of enlightenment. SACRED TONES which is a powerful healing tool, assisting you to focus, create, but also assists in a deeper sleep, energizing. You can regenerate your DNA CELLUAR MEMORY, stimulating the transformation of your Light Body. Many have expressed a profound healing experience of well being, some use it to energize their drinking water by playing by the Water Pitcher. Using a Walkman CD Player Creates an even deeper healing effect on your body.

Track One is 13 sacred chords sung totally by Victoria’s voice to provide healing to Mother Earth, The Divine I Am. (do not play while driving)

Track Two is Sacred 13 chords to assist in personal cellular regeneration and RNA/DNA regeneration. The calming effect of these tracks have a unique and healing effect on the listener.

You will need Windows Media Player, Real Audio© Player or Win Amp Player for audio/video clips on this site. If you do not have any of these players, then you may get it by clicking on the images below: