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Autumn 2009 Message from Victoria

Beloved Light Workers - Beautiful Souls,

What an amazing journey we have all been on for the last few months.  I have not been able to write since May, due to many reasons which some of you will relate to.  

UPDATE - The Program of Victory Tour - June and July Events went wonderfully and were very successful. I thank all those who were so helpful in many ways during these events.

The tour began in Stockton and Sacramento, CA, where I met some tremendous individuals and dedicated light workers.  It was truly a lovely reunion. Many thanks to Marie Wilson and Kent and Renee Miller for helping to organize these events.  Thanks to Cynthia Siegel for the gift to lodge at her home.

The event in Mount Shasta did not happen due to Shalomar Productions cancelling the event, which was sad for the many speakers scheduled to present. I believe all is in Divine Order. 

The Albuquerque, New Mexico Event was a great gathering of beautiful Beings at the Guild Theater for the film and lecture.  Many thanks to Barbara  Besser and Ron Sease of the "Phoenix Project" for sponsoring my event in Albuquerque.

My presentation in Farmington, New Mexico was presented to a special group at the Fellowship of Spirit Church - thanks to Randy and Susan Barnes.


As empathic Beings, many of us know and have this gift of feeling all the changes.

I personally experience the WORLD-WIDE Earthquakes and Earth Changes within my body, i.e. dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations.  This summer, it has been over the top and very intense physically.  Since July 1, our planet has experienced many earth and planetary events such as the eclipses in July and August, plus the Retrograde of 5 planets.  "You are nodding your heads right now!"

Because of this gift which can be a challenge…I regret it was necessary for my physical well being to stop my traveling, so I could navigate from my home through these energies. Therefore, the tour will be resumed later in the year.

Also: A Family Illness:  My very dear aunt who I love so very much…is like my 2nd mother (after losing both my parents when I was young) is now in the last stages of cancer.  This has been my first priority, to spend special time with her, before we say goodbye.  I am sure many of you have been experiencing these challenges as well.

Death is just a graduation.  Many people have been leaving the planet over the last few months…even the Light Workers, who we have felt would ride this transformation out.  But those who have left us are now assisting us from the other side.  Their "Earth Suit" just wore out.

Our physical skeletal and muscular adjustments have been most uncomfortable and challenging.  Once again, from my telecommunication with the Brotherhood of Light and Angelic Guides has been that we are truly undergoing a major structural, cellular renovation of our physical body….which is now morphing into our LIGHT BODIES.  This process is vital and we must ask for assistance from our guides and angels to help us through this transformational process.

There have been profound messages from our dear sister Karen Bishop, whom I respect, support and totally agree with.  I appreciate Karen's great ability to write so accurately what we are all feeling.  Her message is attached, if you wish to read it.

Many of you may have experienced some dyslexic symptoms which have magnified these past months. I must admit, that has been my challenge in being able to keep up with the emails with you all. I am finding many others have been complaining of this symptom during reading/writing, even speaking.

As we entered into the 9/9/09 energies, a major and positive shift has been felt. 

At this point of our journey, our attitude, picture of reality, thoughts, words, actions, emotions, responding - not reacting, are the keys to moving forward into this next chapter of great change for Humanity and how we interact with the Universe and our other Families on the Other Worlds.  There is no looking back…only forward. Forgive yourself and others and move into Joy.

Gather together in your communities to support each other as we build a new and healthy Higher Consciousness for our New Earth.

How exciting to see the Newsweek report "Aliens Exist" and Science Illustrated to confirm that the Scientists now believe there are perhaps as many as 22 planets which could support "LIFE".  This has been my belief and message for many years, which I have shared on Radio/TV and in my presentations.

World-Wide Sightings with validation from experts and the Media, including China and England, is a strong indication that CONTACT is here and will continue to accelerate.


"Get Ready, it is TIME"…is what I hear 24/7 …"we must live in the moment, exercising the most positive, loving energy possible." We are moving out of time and into Universal Reality.  The world that we have known is beginning to fade and a better world is prepared to move into place NOW.

I know many of us receiving these messages… feel like a "broken record" when sharing with other, but it feels truly the TIME is NOW to step through the THIS NEXT THRESHOLD INTO our new Paradigm.


It is my hope that I can resume my tour after my family member makes their transition. Please know how very much I wish to be come to your cities to share the message and to reunite with you all. 

Presently, I am staying at home in Pagosa and will be doing more telephone & in person sessions for healing, clearing, transformation, new directions, body work, hypnotherapy, prayer requests, and whatever is necessary to assist those of you in need.

Let's keep that Heaven On Earth energy in our hearts and thoughts.

You Tube Videos: (these always lift our spirits!!!)

1. "Amazing Journey on Film" by Victoria Liljenquist 

Link to watch:

(Mother Ship in rainbow diamond colors filmed by Victoria in 2008, the Diamond ship which appears nightly at Victoria's home in Pagosa, Merkabah Star gate photo taken from Live Footage.

2. "Encounters with Angels, UFOs & Divine Messages" (4 min movie trailer)

Live ENCOUNTERS.   Film captured and music by Victoria Liljenquist. Link to watch:

With Blessings, Love and Gratitude to you all, 

Victoria Liljenquist

Special Message from Victoria Liljenquist

May 2009

My greetings and love reaches out to you. Events are moving so quickly for the planet as you all can feel. We are all feeling tremendous changes in our bodies, roller coaster emotions, and a shift energetically and ethereally within us. Many are overwhelmed with making the smallest decision, or exhausted from the waves of fatigue, nausea, dizziness, or other body pains.

There are many people leaving the planet right now. Perhaps their body is worn down and the vibration of our Earth is becoming so intense, that many cannot thrive staying here throughout the shift. Only those embracing the "Highest Thought Forms" and raising their vibrational energy will be able to withstand the Magnified Light coming to the Planet NOW.

I feel truly blessed with the transmissions and messages I receive from the Holy Spirit, from the Angels, and from my family of the other worlds.

Those transmissions and messages are:

We are at A PINICLE POINT NOW when the Earth Changes are going to be intensifying. I am not telling everyone to move…but I say unto you…please listen to the still small voice within you…which is guiding you everyday.

If you have the thought, "oh, maybe my life is not working too well in this city because spirit is trying to get my attention to make a change."

I feel guided to encourage you to watch the changes of our earth, on the website: These are signs of the progress of this Shift. Visiting the earthquake map for me is helpful…because if I am feeling really strange one day, dizzy, nausea, I go to the map and quickly realize I am picking up on the earth's movement. Today, I went to the map to see what has happened in the last few days on our planet. This is not to create FEAR but helps us in being prepared and to Listen within. As you will see on my YouTube Videos links listed on my home page, I explain how the New Earth was shown to me in my visions. I hope you will watch these videos. My hope is that you will feel the truth of what I share from my heart with the deepest sincerity.

With the challenges of the financial world, our security, homes, jobs, life has felt as if we are in a tumbler as we experience the Earth Wobble. We are the crystals, being tumbled and polished. Our "Crystalline Structure" is being shattered, so we can grow into the Light Beings that we are destined to BECOME.

Like you all, I am challenged just to keep up with the tasks which I am guided to do on behalf of humanity. Because of the visions I have received and the amazing journey I have traveled for so many years, this has given me the strength to endure these tests.

Here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I found bliss and peacefulness like never before. We have a marvelous community of loving, higher conscious Beings, and this is truly a safe haven. There are other places you may be drawn to. I can honestly say this area is a major CONTACT location with the POSITVE BENEVOLENT SHIPS coming in and out daily. They are VERY CLOSE as you will see in my footage shown at my events.

I encourage you all to decide where you want to ride this next WAVE out as we move into the 2nd Earth. Trust, listen within and allow your picture of reality to be one of New Beginnings, one of Universal Peace and create that space around you in a vortex of light. On March 20th, 2009, the New Heaven and New Earth began the merging process as is spoken of in the Bible in Revelations Chapters 21 and 22. ("and then I saw a new heaven and a new Earth; for the first heaven and the first Earth had passed away, and the sea was no more." )

WE ARE MOVING NOW INTO THE NEXT PHASE OF SHIFTING ENERGIES which will become more intensified as September/October arrive.

The scientists have announced on the internet that they actually discovered 5 planets which could sustain life….like our EARTH. I know within my spirit, this is correct. My YOU TUBE videos express more clearly my thoughts on this.

I have been shown this earth GETTING READY to DO something it has never done before….a GRAND INITIATION OF MERGING WITH HIGHER REALMS AND DIMENSIONS. Many of us are here to hold this light and vibration while we anchor in the ARRIVAL OF OUR "NEW 2ND EARTH " to merge with us. There will be a collective consciousness which will move onto our New EARTH SHIP…and the old will go through more of a major cleansing.

UPCOMING PLAN - PROGRAM OF VICTORY, THE GATHERING OF US ALL together in cities throughout the U.S. for a Film/Lecture Event with Victoria Liljenquist,

My desire is to come to your cities in hopes to connect with all of us together, to get acquainted with each other, to become prepared and unified through the challenging days to come.

Program of Victory Gathering EVENT will include:
A Screening of my film "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages" (44 min) along with a short lecture to share my present visions, transmissions, and show the latest encounters I have filmed
including a Q & A period.

In lieu of covering the expenses of venue location and advertising, these event gatherings will ask for a modest entrance fee, along with a food donation for the needy to be donated to the local food banks.
This will be greatly appreciated.

Many of you are writing and asking me to come to your city. I will do all that I can to reach your areas before October. If anyone wants to assist with suggested venue locations, networking, or to help with the organization of the Events in your city, please contact me at

I am so excited to be able to meet as many of you as possible around the country. Please check for details of the scheduled events in the city near you. As of June 1st, I will be on the road and not handling all the thousands of emails, but will keeping you up-to-date on the blog page:

Thank you all for your emails of beautiful encouragement and light.


Victoria Liljenquist

Special Message from Victoria Liljenquist

As we approach 11:11, the energy is building within our Cell Memory. As we prepare our total essence to embrace many magical shifts to unfold around us like the wings of a dove. Just as we left our Creator when we traveled through the birth canal to new beginnings, so shall we move through this new doorway we call NEW LIFE.

Even as we see the remodeling of Mother Earth, we also know that our Divine Self is shifting us into new realms of understanding and remembering who we are. Never before has the journey of this planet been in a process of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS AND LOVE.

Yes, there are those who are still lost and confused, but as we wrap our hearts as one around these souls….they shall awaken when it is their time.

Fear not for Great and Glorious Events are being birthed each moment.

As the Merkabah Vehicles are arriving all around the planet, it is only just a matter of time for those who have eyes to see, souls to feel and know that we are ready for our journey towards our next phase of development as a Galactic Society.

Watch the skies as the wonderment shall appear before you, perhaps you might feel as the wise men did on that special night long ago.

Each day, each breath is a moment to taste the sweetness, reach out for those you can touch, choose what makes your heart sing…for we are all voices of the Infinite CHORUS THAT SHALL HERALD THIS NEW DAY DAWNING.

Traveling on a train…you look back and the past seems so very small. This is how we shall see our World as it has been…and then witness our World as it is initiated into the DivineWorld it shall BECOME.

Spirit is flowing through our veins, beckoning us to let go and ALLOW THIS TRANSFORMATION TO BE POSITIONED NOW.

Blessed are the little children for they have brought forth the keys for the New Earth.

Blessed are the challenged, for they shall be freed to break the chains of the past and move forward into JOY.

Blessed are the weary, for their tears shall be wiped and new beginnings shall embrace them.

Blessed are the sick, for they shall be Healed!

Let us pray for those in the path of fires, waters, and volcanoes, that they shall be lifted and safe….to discover a new path and beginning.

Look Forward ONLY….as yesterday is melting into the fears of Man. See now the Test is to Create with your own thoughts…only that which you desire to bring into fruition.

Express your love, your joy, your truth, and Know the I AM WITHIN is guiding this Symphony of Life.

Please join me on NOVEMBER 11, 2007 at 11 p.m (pacific time) on Coast to Coast Talk Radio for an evening of visions, miracles, and expanded views on film, to Seeing Beyond this Reality, as we Become ONE as the Family of LIGHT.

"Encounters with Angels, UFOs (Merkabahs) and Divine Messages"

On November 11, 2007 at 11 p.m Pacific Time.

(11:11 a very special STAR GATE Portal)
Victoria Liljenquist will be a guest on

Coast to Coast
AM Late Night TALK Radio

Host: Rollye James.

Click on:

Radio Affiliates in your Area to listen to the show…
Click here:

Blessings to All,

In gratitude, love and JOY,

Victoria Liljenquist

Victoria Liljenquist

Message Update October 2006

Dear Beloved Family of Light,

What a gift each of you is in this grand orchestra of Rebirth and graduation.

We are the gift, the light workers who have been carrying the light all these years as humanity has passed thru many doorways, portals, earth changes, shifts, eclipses, and yes, we are still standing strong to usher in the next phase of our mission.

Over the last few months, there has been a great intensity within each of us, some feeling more than others. Do you recall the song “spring fever”, I am as restless as a willow when the wind blows, I am jumpy as a puppet on a string…I guess that It must be spring fever, but it isn’t even spring!

We are in that mood of feeling restless, wanting to escape to a haven of heavenly bliss, or to complete those projects we have had burning urges to finish…this is because there once again, a huge shift before us.

Wandering in and out of this dimension is what you could call it. One minute we are focused on something, and suddenly we are scattered thinking of all the other demands we must finish, before Graduation.

The body thing is still bringing up many challenges for most of us, if we are willing to admit we are feeling strange changes within. Like the slow boat to China, there is the motion within us stirring up the waves of our transformation.

Staying in the moment and breathing in this transition, even though a person is tempted to push the panic button…Breathing in the energy of life and joy of living….breathing out the past, yesterday's frustrations and tomorrow’s queries.

My prayers and intentions are with each of us, that we can merge our love and light as one energy to create the next Tidal Wave of Our blessed Gaia’s journey.

I wish to share with you a message I received from spirit last February, 2006 which I still feel is very accurate for us to reflect upon.

Breathing in the New Earth....and Our Journey to the Home Within
by Victoria Liljenquist
(February 2006)

We are traveling through “The eye of the Needle”. Our inner "remembering" is searching for something greater than what is seen with our eyes. We are longing to return to home, like unto Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we are starving for a new kind of joy. Truly that home we are searching for, is within us. As we go inside, there are new keys, to re-unite us with our Divine Intelligence, the stars, and with the Universe.

As you look into the night sky, you feel as if a particular star is blinking right at you, communicating with you. Well it is! There are activations and transmissions being sent to us as we star gaze. There are gifts to be activated from Non-Earthly Heavenly Vehicles whose Lights transmit beautiful manifestations. It is much more than just seeing, it penetrates deep within the core of self, calling to your soul, to reclaim your star seed origin.

We are the Children of the Stars...the Light Workers. With unique features and behaviors, we feel foreign in the mainstream of the 3rd Dimension's acceptable behaviors. We are Souls who are here in embodiment, and are very sensitive as we straddle between the worlds. Does this sound familiar, if so, you may feel stuck in between the fluidness of our ever- shifting reality. Feeling as if we are dying one moment and being birthed the next…over and over…and waiting for Oz to reveal our destination. We have all traveled that road, and now are very close to Coming Home! There are answers, lying deep within each of us, waiting to open up like flower opens up to the light.

Realizing we are not just living in one dimension...there are portal shifts within us individually, as we all have our own personal journey of awareness and sensitivity. The earth has traveled thru major portals during the 11:11 and 12:12 Opening Gates.

These portals are doorways, allowing us to feel higher frequency energies, clearer, psychic intuition abilities, as well as experiencing enhanced telepathy, prophetic dreams and visions. Understanding how to unlock this potential is a key to be integrated within our cellular structure and light body transformation.

As we think we are in our beds, truly we are in a holographic image of our bedroom as we sleep. Our bed is a "Star Gate Portal Window" we can travel thru every night. This phenomena has actually transpired on film . Within that "dream time", the language of light is brought forth to us. It is encoded in our light bodies so we may work with it, in our awakened state of consciousness. Keys along with ancient symbols, angels, and images of people are revealed transmitted from the Light ships that we see in our evening skies. As the come closer, they reveal and download a profound new “Blueprint” pulsating into our Third prepare us for future events of our transforming Earth.

Many miracles await us to "see beyond this reality" through light, sound, music, meditation and New Thought Forms experienced in our ONENESS. These are ingredients to expedite our ascension process into our WHOLE Light Bodies.

Learning to cope with Brain Cramps: Every day we feel the roller coaster of navigating with our moment-to-moment thoughts. Intricate frequencies are felt, such as missing time; losing your thought ...within just minutes of having the thought and finding yourself wandering around the house in confusion! These are indications of the dimensional shifts within our day-to-day life. So how do we "lasso the fleeting thought" so we can still be productive? Focusing on the current moment is the first key. The rigid schedules of the Third Dimension must now be surrendered, in order to be flexible in transforming and changing how we operate to create new patterns of feeling and thought. Life is like hanging onto your "boogie" board as you surf the Tidal Waves of a new thought, as our present Earth is melting into the New Earth, we are creating now.

Our personal relationships are challenged when two beloveds are not on the same page. One partner has learned the new dance of thought, and the other partner is scratching their head, confused by the strange behavior of their transforming partner. There are keys to assist us in integrating greater harmony within our personal relationships. We must ask for that assistance from our guides, and there are many tremendous practitioners on this planet to also help with this transformational process.

Many keys and messages are given to us, if we can learn to listen and recognize them. Dowsing is a tremendous tools and can be sharpened for greater accuracy, working in sacred cleansed energy. With our souls filled with new keys, we can sing "There's now place like home", as we arrive “HOME” in this New Reality.

Each of us has our own personal choice to discover those special keys to open us up to the New Reality upon us. We can support each other through personal challenges, overcoming and conquering our fears.

The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J. Hurtak has always provided tremendous support to me, as I discovered how much of the verbiage in the Book related to my magical journey captured on film. I believe that the message from Dr. Hurtak along with the visual message revealed from my photographs (included on my "Journey on Film" on my website <> ) have been entrusted to me to share with the world, in hopes to open and expand our picture of reality.

It is time TO REMEMBER our Star Lineage, who we are and where we are returning to!


Embracing each day, each test, lesson, and joy and allowing it to be savored within our soul as food for our transformational process to carry us to the next level of our planetary evolution. We are getting glimpses within our dreams of that which is to come, our New Reality.

The photo below is the Blue White Energy "STARBURST UFO", I share it with you in this email because it is so very special. Many of you may not realize that the Blue White Energy on my homepage website is literally a heavenly encounter I had in 1994. This energy is the Blue White Energy from the Brotherhood of Space, a photo I captured while on top of Lake Powell, as the UFO's circled above me. It really looks like Heaven to me.

When I think of the new Earth coming in, I refer to footage and photo I captured April 9, 2005 with 16 witnesses. This looks much like two Earths trying to merge.

ENCOUNTER OVER SCOTTSDALE, AZ April 9, 2005 at 9:30 pm
Victoria Liljenquist and 16 Witnesses
Bright Amber Double Orb

As we prepare for the coming year 2007, let us focus our intent on completing the emergence of the 2nd Earth which brings forth a world of pureness we are longing to embrace.

Sending you blessings and prayers for all that is desired for your fullness, happiness and Inner Peace.

Breathing in the New Earth,

Victoria Liljenquist