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NY International Independent Film and Video Festival AWARDS
Los Angeles, Sept. 2005 “Best Documentary Honorable Mention”
NYC, 2005 “Best Documentary Screen Craft Award”



An Amazing Journey of Victoria Liljenquist, an Angelic & UFO Contactee

“A beautiful blending of personal experiences, music, &
positive messages, creating a New Trend of Enlightenment.”

Since childhood, Victoria Liljenquist has experienced angelic visitations, and positive, even “Heavenly” encounters with “Other planetary” intelligences

(Ultra-terrestrials) whose vehicles have been captured on film. This Award-Winning Documentary Film, screened at the NY International Independent Film Festivals, is an amazing journey with spectacular “live” Footage of Cigar Crafts, UFOs, Orbs, Holographic & Pictographic Images, filmed around the U.S., appearing to Victoria and witnesses. Ancient symbols and angelic images appear within the filmed “Light Ships”, revealing beautiful mesmerizing energy. Beautiful and Inspired original music performed by Victoria will touch the core of your soul.

Footage is included of Press coverage of Victoria’s prediction “that a UFO Sighting would appear over Salt Lake City, Utah during the 2002 World Winter Olympics.” The UFO Sighting did actually occur on the day/time, originally predicted, based on Victoria’s vision received back in 1968.

Sharing the Divine Messages received telepathically from the UFO’s, Angels, and from her visions, Victoria expresses that positive events will transpire pertaining to our Earth’s present transformation.

A message of Peace & Love for OUR EARTH and with the Universe, uniting with peaceful Citizens of Other Worlds.

“Remember who you Are....Expand your reality....the Universe awaits you!”

“Encounters with Angels, UFO’s film can be enjoyed many times. We love sharing it others!” – P. Ellis, Missouri, Humanitarian

“Watching your encounters on film gave me joy! I felt like I was actually right, there beside you.” – M. Swenson, New Jersey Executive

“Congratulations on an excellent documentary. Professionally produced, revealing unique footage. – Airforce Major, G. Filer, Mufon Director

Executive Producer: Lana Leslie
Produced & Directed by: Victoria Liljenquist

Technical Production & Editing:
Jose Escamilla, JEMWORKS, LLC
Robert Sampler, 0-tu Studios
UFO Footage Cinematography: Victoria Liljenquist
Original music & performance by Victoria Liljenquist.
“Celebration, We are One” Produced & Arranged by Alan Hewitt

Total Time: 44 Min.

Victoria Liljenquist Productions, LLC
Copyright ©2005 All Rights Reserved