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Other Dimensions

Joseph of Egypt/Coat of Many Colors at Lake Bonneville

Salt Lake City, Utah — July 1995

No. 3 Photo: Upon receiving clairaudient transmissions from the Angels, Victoria would go frequently to the native American sacred ground of Lake Bonneville. She would go to wait for the Non-Earthly Vehicles Light Ships to appear which she films (see UFO Photos). Many times she would feel inspired to shoot the camera into the dark and Other dimensions would appear. This photo shows a person on lower right standing, wearing a cloak over the breast area, and a coat of many colors. Appearing also is a division of darkness and the light in upper left. Victoria believes this depicts Joseph, who was sold into Egypt by his brothers, in his coat of many colors.

"Many of us have been abandoned, betrayed or disappointed, but we must forgive as Joseph forgave his brothers. We can also be guided in our dreams and visions as he was. We must embrace our gift of knowing...and remember who we really are...."