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Coast to Coast TALK Radio

November 11, 2007 at 11 p.m Pacific Time.
(11:11 a very special STAR GATE Portal)

Victoria Liljenquist will be a guest on Coast to Coast AM Late Night TALK Radio
Host: Rollye James

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Victoria Liljenquist, a Galactic Ambassador and UFO Contactee, and Award Winning Film Producer of "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages" - shares her amazing stories of Contact, spectacular UFO Footage, recent discoveries of ancient symbols and Pictographic images revealed in Footage, Sacred Language of Light , Visions and predictions of the 2nd Earth, establishing Galactic Communities, Healing Miracles associated with Contact.

Please join us for a three-hour show, filled with amazing stories shared by Victoria Liljenquist of her very personal Encounters with the UFOs, Merkabah Vehicles, Other Dimensions on Film and Ultra-Terrestrial Beings. The discoveries of ancient symbols appearing within Pictographic images revealed from Victoria 's personal UFO Footage will be discussed and the messages coming from them. Discussing her recent Encounters with UFOs in Italy and Colorado and the new kind of Merkabah Vehicles captured on film. A Contactee and Clairaudient since childhood, Victoria will share the story of her Father's Encounter in 1947 and her own telepathic contact communication with the ships and the pre-arranged encounters based on her requests. Producer of an Award Winning Documentary of spectacular UFO film footage, Encounters with Angels, UFO and Divine Messages, Victoria will share her insights of crucial events to come in the near future, along with the positive transformation of what she sees for our planet. Some of Victoria's visions and predictions have transpired already (Phoenix Light s predicted two months prior to March 13, 2007…UFOs at the World Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002, and more visions to unfold, i.e., of a 2nd Earth emerging with our Earth and new Galactic Societies.

Victoria is actively in the process with others to establish a Galactic Community in Colorado , the first of many to be built, as Contact increases with ultimate landing events from Benevolent Beings from Other Star Worlds. She will discuss the Language of Light transmitted from the Merkabah Vehicles in Victoria's Film footage and the correlation of this phenomena with the information contained in The BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: KEYS OF ENOCH. As a healer, Clinical Therapist, Victoria will also share how her CONTACT with the Ultra-Terrestrial Beings has assisted with Healing Miracles for her patients. Victoria now resides in Pagosa Springs , CO .

It is time now to embrace UNIVERSAL PEACE with our Brothers and Sisters of other Worlds.

Email Victoria Liljenquist :