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Victoria Liljenquist

Visionary / Contactee / Angelic Intuitive / Vocal Recording Artist / 
Clinical Therapist / Healing Practitioner

At the age of 5, Victoria’s journey began with Angels as one appeared to her. At that time, she realized her gifts of Intuition, Visions and Prophetic Messages. Victoria’s accuracy has proven to be extremely exact and accurate as she receives information from the Angelic Realms and Benevolent Brotherhood of Space. She had dedicated her life to serve as an Ambassador for the Stars & Other Worlds, uniting humanity again with their Star Families, and has been instrumental in “seeing beyond this reality.”

Victoria’s healing practice, music and singing plays a major role in activating personal cellular memory for healing, empowerment, and is transforming for those who experience her via lectures and personal sessions.

All of her life, Victoria has encountered Angels, The Masters, Light Beings, as well Light Ships (UFO’s) and Heavenly Manifestations. Since 1994, Victoria has captured on Video and photography, her incredible journey with the other Dimensions, which includes spectacular UFO’s projecting on Film, holographic pictographs i.e., angels, people, the earth, doves, dolphins. The messages Victoria receives as she film this phenomena is pertinent to our “Earth Changes”, and the Transformation Humanity is experiencing presently.

Producer of the Award Winning Documentary film, “Encounters with Angels, UFO‘s and Divine Messages”, Premier at the NY International Independent Film and Video Festivals in Hollywood, CA 2005; World Premier November 2005 NYC. Victoria shares her incredible, personal journey with phenomenal UFO and Non-Earthly Manifestation captured on film. Learn of Victoria‘s encounters with other dimensions, Divine Messages given to her of Universal Peace. TV appearances, interviews, and original music and songs, composed, performed and produced by Victoria compliment this film.

The Documentary includes the Utah World Winter Olympics UFO Sighting, predicted by Victoria and based on a vision received by her in 1968. This sighting actually occurred precisely on day/time of Victoria’s prediction, and was shared on TV and Radio programs nationally and internationally.

As the audience personally witnesses these amazing events, they are activated with a New Blueprint Transformation thru their Third Eye. Many have expressed a major impact on their psychic awareness, dreams, energy level, and well-being.

Her message is positive, universally spiritual, uplifting and has been shared worldwide. With the voice of an Angel and perfectly pitched, Victoria songs and tones usher in the UFO’s, as well as providing profound healing for the Mind/Body/Soul. Her music on CD“Journey to Empowerment, Self-Healing & Inner Peace” assists to heal and comfort the inner soul and subconscious to love, forgive and regenerate. Victoria’s 2nd CD“Sacred Tones”reactivates the RNA/DNA in the body for Transformation.

Serving in the healing arts for 30 years, Victoria is a gifted therapist for healing and transformation through her unique intuitive and spiritual gifts, blended with altered state journeys into the subconscious via hypnosis. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, with 30 years in Specialized Body Work & Massage, Kahuna Energy, and Spiritual Intuitive Consultation, Victoria has assisted many to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and to understand their Star Connection. Victoria’s Film and Photography have been analyzed and accepted by specialists in the paranormal and UFO arena.

Victoria has lectured throughout the U.S. and has shared her amazing experiences, Film and Photography as a guest on International and National TV/Radio programs, includes the following, to name a few:

BBC of London Radio;

TV News for Norway; TV Italy;

60 Radio Stations Nationwide;

Television Shows:

“Cutting Edge“ ( Host: Jim Rodger)

“UFO AZ “- “Off the Record”- Tucson, AZ (Host : Ted Loman);

“Tracie Austin Show”- Santa Clarita, CA;

"Strange Universe”- Los Angeles, Calif.;

“Channel 2 - Take 2 “- Salt Lake City, Utah (Host : Rod Decker);

"Body, Mind & Spirit”- Phoenix, AZ; (Host : Jim Ventura);

“Ground Zero”- Salt Lake City, Utah (Host: Clyde Lewis);

Victoria has hosted her own Radio Internet Radio Show: “Victoria‘s Light”; been a guest on with host: Barbara South “Erskin Late Night” - Phoenix, Arizona;

“Seeing Beyond” Radio- Santa Cruz, CA; Dave Alan Radio Show – Monterey.

Victoria has had the distinct privilege to be the only U.S. Woman Speaker at the World International UFO Conference in San Pedro in 1998. As a vocal entertainer, Victoria has shared her music throughout Europe and the U.S. She has performed her music on National TV; at the Roswell 50th Anniversary in Roswell, New Mexico and at International UFO Conventions.

Additional healing gifts were realized by Victoria at age 17, and have intensified since a “Near Death” experience. As a Trail Blazer in the healing arts, Victoria discovered an unusual ENERGY PULSATING FROM HER HANDS. Profound and fascinating stories of miraculous results have manifested from this healing energy. Victoria assists many individuals with Long Distance Healing Sessions.

Her intuitive gifts are highly accurate and have been integrated in all her therapy modalities such as Transformational Therapy, Hypnosis and Spiritual Consultation. Her ability to assist individuals access greater empowerment, transformation, peace, and clarity, are enhanced with her Cellular Healing Command Techniques. This process alters the RNA/DNA coding through the subconscious mind, to initiate rejuvenation, regeneration, reverse aging and the “Light Body” Transformation.

Victoria‘s compassion and commitment to service has provided food donations for the Homeless
Shelters at her lecture events.

Her message is one of positive energy, hope, greater understanding of other dimensions, and what is around us. Although we may not see it with our human eyes, it appears on film. As a “Citizen of the Universe”, Victoria's greatest desire is to bring awareness to humanity of what is Beyond this Reality. Her angelic presence touches your heart, and energizes her audience, as she shares this message through film, lecture, and Victoria’s healing music. Victoria’s recording gifts on CD include:


A guided and “inspired” journey into the inner soul and subconscious for releasing, claiming, loving, and forgiving, created, performed, and recorded by Victoria in altered states. This experiential journey affects the listener’s deepest level of their subconscious mind, stimulating the cells for profound healing in many individuals.

SACRED TONES...VOLUME TWO is a remarkable healing tool as Victoria sings the Sacred Adamic Tones with her angelic, perfectly-pitched voice, transcending the listener to other states of enlightenment. Aids in personal cellular regeneration and RNA/DNA regeneration. The calming effect of these tracks penetrate deep into the listener’s body, mind & spirit.

Victoria‘s projects include: another CD (vocal), a Children’s CD for healing and enhancing Self-Esteem & Confidence; Movies of animation geared towards humanity’s transformation and especially for our new leaders, “our precious children” of this planet. Victoria is currently completing her book of her detailed experiences correlating with her an upcoming Major Feature Film Adventure of her incredible journey with Other Worlds. Victoria’s presently has her healing practice and prayer ministry in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Victoria Liljenquist Email: Web Site: