Personal Sessions

 Personal Sessions

“Experience Healing
Your Mind, Body, Spirit”

SPIRITUAL & INTUITIVE CONSULTATION  (In person or by telephone)

December 2012  TELEPHONE SESSIONS (Special Offered:   One $1 per min – (minimum 30 min.) can be split up into different time increments.

Buy Now!!! and use in 2013 when you need guidance or counseling!

Write to to schedule an appointment.

As an Intuitive, Clairaudient since a child,Victoria taps into her client’s personal angels and accurately receives answers and guidance. Using the methods of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance, and Dowsing.  Victoria assists and empowers her clients to access their own information. Learn to connect with your Angels.  Victoria has assisted individuals world wide with great accuracy.


Transforming the Subconscious Mind to unify with the Conscious Mind. Hypnosis takes you into a relaxed and peaceful state. The desires, goals and needs are established in a counseling session, then integrated within the subconscious mind. As a clinical Hypnotherapist, Victoria will gently assist you in this transforming journey.Healing

Victoria offers many different healing experiences, assisting individuals to transform their lives and find greater inner peace, tranquility and balance. Sessions are available in person and also by telephone consultation. Telephone Sessions are normally $80.00 per hour (watch for specials) and must be pre-scheduled. Personal Session fees vary based on needs and location. Victoria’s greatest desire is to assist everyone in need, reaching out.

If you are interested in a healing session, or to sponsor Victoria in your area for healings, please email her at or call  602 361-1668.


Call 602-361-1668 to schedule an (in person)  therapy appointment.


With 30 years in the Healing Arts, Victoria, a licensed therapist has developed a specialized technique, designed uniquely for each individual’s needs. Victoria discovered a penetrating heat and Light coming from her hands. After her Near Death Experience, Victoria’s “Conduit of Light” healing gift intensified and has proven very effective for many illnesses affecting the Body, Mind, and Spirit. As a recording artist, Victoria has also created healing CD’s to enhance the healing experience.

Combined with cellular regeneration Hypnotherapy, the cells, on the deepest core level, are reprogrammed to return to “The Original Imprint” of perfection.

(30 years experience)

A magical blend of Swedish massage with reflexology, tone therapy, Lymphatic release, and deep and soft tissue therapy. Gentle, healing, intuitive body work, creating euphoria and relaxation. Energy healing is included in all massage sessions.  As a trail blazer in the “Art of Massage Therapy,” Victoria has trained many Therapists in her clinics.


Victoria, having perfect pitch, administers “Healing Tones” into the body, balancing energies, releasing pain from the limbs and joints. Sacred Tones has a profound effect on the emotional and ethereal body. Victoria’s  “Sacred Tones” on CD is available for continued healing and activating the “light Body.” All ages can feel enhanced joy and begin living with greater passion, gaining a deeper connection with your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical Body.


Victoria has been a Clinical, Certified Hypnotherapist since 1991 and specializes in Cellular Hypnosis, also assists individuals with greater empowerment, confidence, athletic performance, working through life changes such as Divorce, Grief, Sadness or lack of concentration.

Victoria’s CD, “Journey to Empowerment” Self-Healing & Inner Peace,” is available to assist clients to reinforce healing keys and is encouraged in this beautiful spiritual Musical journey “into the subconscious.”

Issues benefited by Session are:

Embracing Inner Peace
Cellular Regeneration of DNA
Discovering Greater Self-Worth
Forgiving & Loving Yourself
Healing Relationships
Addictive Behaviors
Memory – Athletic Performance


Victoria offers to include individuals world wide who need prayers or have  family or friends who need assistance or are going through difficult times.  Victoria will pray for you.  Email a photograph of the individual and  the prayer will be given for that person (free of charge) a gift from Victoria..

Office Visits available and Telephone Consultation

Comments shared by her clients:

“I felt like I was floating as the wonderful healing energy moved thru me. My pain and stress melted away, and my energy level was renewed. The effects lasted for weeks.“   – V. Johansen, CA

“I finally discovered where my pain and depression were coming from with Victoria’s help. I am now free to love and forgive myself and others more deeply.”   – Sue K. – Phoenix, AZ

“After my heart attack & surgery, Victoria’s Conduit of light therapy brought forth a miraculous recovery, impressing my doctors!   The cellular regeneration healing of my subconscious mind activated my ability to claim my deepest healing on a core level.”    – L. W. – Salt Lake City, UT

“I saw Victoria on TV sharing her experiences of a near death, and her connections with Angels. I now feel greater peace and tranquility, feeling my personal angels.”   – C. J. – NYC

Victoria Liljenquist
Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Prayer Minister

(602) 361-1668 (Cell)


Clinical Specialist

C.C.H.T. L.M.T.
Prayer Minister